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Property Information

Willa Grand Karpatia - Poland
Phone: 0182019756
Mobile: 0048605122900
34-531 - Murzasichle
Budzowa 2
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Sales regulations


1. These Regulations set out the terms and conditions for the sale of Gift Vouchers under the name "Voucher" (hereinafter "Bon").

2. The promotion takes place in accordance with the rules set out in the Regulations (hereinafter "Regulations"), which is available online on the website

3. The sale is organized by KRY-MAR s.c, 34-531 Murzasichle, ul. Budzowa 2 w, NIP: 736-172-00-09, REGON: 361628026 (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").


a) Gift Voucher - a document issued by the Organizer, enabling the implementation of specific services at the Karpatia Villa described on the website, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", in accordance with the advance booking of the term.

b) Buyer - every adult person with a voucher issued by the Organizer, accepting the provisions of the Regulations.

d) Implementation of the Voucher-exchange by a person having a Voucher, a voucher for services.


1. The Entendant together with the implementation of the Voucher declares that he has read the Regulations, accepts the content in its entirety and undertakes to comply with its provisions.

2. The voucher can be realized only in Villa Karpatia, 34-531 Murzasichle, ul. Budzowa 2

3. In order to implement the voucher, it is necessary to contact us by phone at number

phone 605122900

4. The voucher is not refundable and exchange for cash, as well as for other vouchers with a monetary value.

5. The voucher can be used once or repeatedly depending on the type of voucher.

6. Each Voucher will have its verification code.

7. The Organizer is not responsible for the Voucher that was lost or damaged after it was handed over to the Buyer.

8. The Purchaser shall not be entitled to any claims against the Organizer due to loss (including theft) or destruction of the Voucher.

9. There is a possibility of performing a more expensive procedure than the value of the Voucher, in which case the recipient pays the difference between the value of the Voucher and the price of the selected service.

10. The Organizer has the right to refuse to carry out the Voucher, if:

a) the Voucher's validity period has expired,

b) the reservation was not made in advance,

c) lack of free dates indicated by the Buyer,

d) damage to the Voucher makes it impossible to read the data stored on the Voucher.

11. The voucher may be carried out within the time of availability of the date after prior telephone contact.

12. The voucher only connects to other promotions.

13.Vouchers can be added up.

14. The voucher used for a smaller sum is not refundable in the form of a difference. The customer may use the value of the difference for additional services during the booking or during the visit.

15. Each voucher is displayed as "Bearer", so the buyer can give it to anyone as part of the gift.


1. The voucher is valid within the time specified on the Voucher.

2. The validity period of the Voucher shall not be extended.


1. A consumer who has concluded with KRY-MAR s.c. the contract, he has the right to withdraw from it without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract

2. In order to withdraw from the contract, the Consumer should send a declaration of withdrawal from the contract to the postal address or via e-mail.

3. The declaration of withdrawal should contain at least:

1) name and surname,

2) address,

3) the date of the order,

4) bank account number for refund.

4. The right to withdraw from the contract is not due if, before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, the voucher has been fulfilled or partially fulfilled.


1. The Buyer may file complaints about Vouchers.

2. The complaint should contain:

a. Buyer's designation,

b. the subject of the complaint,

c. circumstances justifying the complaint,

d. the User's request in connection with the complaint.

3. Complaints may be submitted in the form of an e-mail to the e-mail address of the Seller and the Service Provider, ie

4. The Seller or the Service Provider will consider the complaint within 14 days from the delivery of the complaint to the Seller or the Service Provider. The User will be notified of his decision made as a result of considering the complaint in the same way in which he sent the complaint.


1. The content of the Regulations is available on the website

2. The organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations, provided that it does not violate Buyer's acquired rights. Any changes to the content of the Regulations will be constantly updated and made available on the website. The amendment to the Regulations comes into force within 14 days from the date of notification about it by publishing it on the website

3. For all personal data provided to the company

VoucherCart corresponds to KRY-MAR s.c. At KRY-MAR s.c. The privacy policy, which defines the manner of processing and protection of personal data, applies.

4. If the Gift Voucher is used illegally by an unauthorized person, it will be damaged, lost, stolen or deactivated, the company (company name) does not bear any responsibility.

5. The law applicable to disputes between the owner and the client is Polish law. Disputes will be settled by the court competent for the owner's registered office.

Locations where you can use the voucher

Villa Karpatia, 34-531 Murzasichle, street Budzowa 2
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