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Check-in / Check-out policy
Check-in available from 14:00, check out until 10:00.
Payment Policy
Payment policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact payment policy next to the Rate name.
Pet policy
No pets are allowed.
Group Policy
In case of group reservations we only take instructions from one dedicated contact person.  Prepayment can be made in one installment.  Invoicing will be made in one invoice for the whole group.
General policy
Our General Terms and Conditions can be read on our homepage, accessible from our Contact menu.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact cancellation policy next to the Rate name.

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Property Information

Pálos Resort - Hungary
Phone: +36-1-700-4407
8782 - Zalacsány
Örvényeshegy utca 42
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NTAK reg. number:

The room rate includes a rich breakfast of local ingredients (homemade ham, sausage, garden vegetables, etc.), locally baked bread, fruits and high quality coffee and teas.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the COVID-19 epidemic: According to the current regulations, we can only accept guests with a valid vaccination certificate and their close relatives under the age of 18. Without a vaccination certificate guests can arrive with a business or educational trip certificate. These certificates can also be sent by e-mail in advance or presented on arrival.  We pay close attention to safety, clean our rooms and apartments with ozone and surface disinfection after each of our guests, and our staff still wear masks.  Breakfast is served separately to guests, preferably on their own terrace.
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