Terms and conditions

Check-in / Check-out policy
If you plan on checking-in early or checking-out late, you must arrange for this in advance and if possible we would be happy to accommodate. You can check-in anytime after 4:00 pm on the day of your arrival.
Payment Policy
Payment policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact payment policy next to the Rate name.
Pet policy
Absolutly no pets allowed.
Group Policy
Any groups or parties which exceed the maximum limit of individuals per apartment rented may be subject to the immediate cancelation of the their reservation.
General policy
Every guest is requested to observe and comply with the following regulations to maintain the quality at the property and to ensure that guests have a pleasant and safe stay.

As a commercial property, smoking or vaping of any kind anywhere on the premises, is against the law. We have a very strict no smoking policy.

Please refrain from doing any act which is likely to cause a fire and from using any heat-generating articles such as a heating apparatus, cooking appliances, or irons in guest rooms.

Please refrain from inviting outside visitors to your guest room after 10 p.m.

Please refrain from using your room for purposes other than lodging.

Gambling or other acts which are contrary to good morals or which cause an annoyance are strictly prohibited.

Please respect your neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum in the common areas, in the hallways, and between 10 pm and 10 am. Late-night noise will not be tolerated.

Rules regarding equipment and fixtures on the premises are as follows:

a) Refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended.
b) Please do not take equipment and fixtures out of the Hotel.
c) Removal or alteration of equipment or fixtures is prohibited.
d) Please refrain from touching the security camera, sensor, and sprinkler.

You will be charged for any damage or loss of the facilities or equipment, inside or outside the Hotel caused by you or your Guests.

LeQube may refuse to accommodate a Guest who behaves in a manner that may physically or mentally cause harm to Guests and property as well as to their self, due to dementia or intoxication. A sick or injured person without an appropriate attendant may also be refused.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact cancellation policy next to the Rate name.

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LeQube Apartments - Canada
Phone: 18555537823
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We provide basic amenities for every booking upon arrival. Additional amenities are dependant on the length of any given stay.
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