Terms and conditions

Check-in / Check-out policy
Checking in is possible from 3pm on the day of arrival, you can check out by 10 am. Please notify us about the expected time of your arrival. The above mentioned appointments can be altered only in special cases, after consulting with us previously.
Payment Policy
Payment policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact payment policy next to the Rate name.
Pet policy
Unfortunately, we do not accept pets.
Group Policy
As a locale for get-togethers, the dining area and kitchen situated in the basement can also be provided for groups, if agreed in advance.
General policy
To make sure that your stay is pleasant with us, please follow a set of principles.

1. You may check in on your day of arrival from 3 pm, and check out on your day of departure until 10 am. These appointments can be altered only in special cases, after consulting with us previously.
2. The proprietor does not take responsibility for damages caused through no fault of their own (e.g. natural disaster, fire, power outage, damages caused in the parking lot, etc.). Should you interrupt your stay and leave the apartment, the proprietor does not return the fee for the remaining days of your reservation.
3. Upon arrival, the guests are required to present their valid identity documents (e.g. ID or passport) to the proprietor or their representatives. 
We do not accept pets in our apartment.
4. The apartment is non-inclusive, the kitchen is suitable for preparing simple dishes.
5. If you cannot locate an equipment, or you find damaged or faulty supplies or utilities, please notify us immediately on the phone number above. Please note that during your stay, maintenance may enter the apartment if necessary.
6. Please maintain the order and preserve the condition of the apartment and its equipments. Do not remove fixtures from the property (for example towels, bed linens). Please, wash the dishes before leave the apartment.
7. Please restrain from activities in the apartment or in the courtyard which may disturb the tranquility of others, regardless of the time of the day. Furthermore, please park your vehicles in a way that it does not hinder the mobility or parking of other guests and vehicles. 
8. You can have visitors during the day and night. Should your guests spend the night in the apartment, please notify us beforehand.
9. Please do not smoke inside the apartment, use the designated smoking area and throw the cigarette stubs in the trash can there.
10. Please collect litter in the trash cans located in the kitchens and bathrooms. Once they are full, you can throw the trash away in the garbage cans in the stairwell. You can find new garbage bags under the sink. Please collect the trash selectively and place the garbage in the suitable bins.
11. To make a campfire, please only use the designated areas in still air, keeping water with you. Do not forget to splash water on the embers as well, and once the fire is out, throw away the resulting garbage.
12. Use the toys in the baby-friendly apartments downstairs and in the courtyard at your own risk. Parents should never leave their young children unattended, and should keep toys which are not suitable for the children’s age out of reach.
13. Should you lose the keys provided for you, please notify us immediately. In this case, the guest is required to reimburse the costs of the replacement of the keys and the lock.
14. When you leave the apartment, please always close the door and the windows, remove chargers from the electric sockets, and turn off the stoves and electronic devices (except for the boiler and the refrigerator). Please check whether the water taps have been properly turned off.
15. We do not take responsibility for your belongings left at the apartment during or after your stay. If you forgot something in the apartment, notify us and if we find the valuables, we will contact you to return it. Please also notify us if you find the valuables of other guests in the apartment during your stay.
16. By booking the accommodation, the guest declared that they have read and understood the contents of the house policy.

Please note that by using the accommodation, you commit to comply with the house policy. Violating the contents of the house policy with imputable actions constitutes a breach of contract, in which case the proprietor can ask you to leave the property immediately. In this instance, the reservation fee for the remaining days of your stay will not be refunded, and may demand the reimbursement of any damages resulting from the violation of the house policy.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact cancellation policy next to the Rate name.

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Atlantika Apartman - Hungary
Phone: +36202909630
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utca Szegfű 37.
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Upon successful reservation the guest automatically accepts the contents of the house policy, hence please read it carefully before making a reservation.
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