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Payment Policy
Payment policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact payment policy next to the Rate name.
Pet policy
Only dogs or cats are allowed
++Pets weighing more than 3 kilos (6.5 pounds) are not allowed.
++On the property there are several cats roaming around, they are not ours, but since all the areas are outdoors it is almost impossible to control them,
++We have 4 chihuahua dogs, whenever we have guests in the property they are inside our room, if you really like dogs, let us know and we can let them out sometimes they seem to be agresive at the begging but whit some treats they will be calm ????
Group Policy
We kindly ask that you be aware of our other guests, they all deserve respect and a quiet night same as you, we are a rest accommodation in which meetings, celebrations or any activity that annoys any other guest of the property will be taken into account, such as music, constant loud voices, screams or any constant noise that annoys other guests, as well as moving the furniture excessively is strictly prohibited. If you are coming for a celebration, we recommend you go to one of the many bars in the center. They will be called to their attention a maximum of two times (however, it may be only one time) before being asked to leave the property without any refund, at any time of the day and with any necessary means such as the police. We ask that you be kind to other guests, just as they should be to you, please.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy might differ, depending on the available rate. Please check the exact cancellation policy next to the Rate name.

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Property Information

Antillas - Mexico
Phone: 529985783034
Mobile: +529982007337
77400 - Isla Mujeres
Av Rueda Medina 80
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NTAK reg. number:

Hola! Antillas es una propiedad recientemente remodelada (2021) frente a playa centro en la zona turística de Isla Mujeres
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